Resin Veneers

The desire for a beautiful and healthy smile is constantly growing around us as everyone’s demands are increasing. Regarding the schematic and color configuration of the teeth and the creation of direct veneers, we use materials such as composite resin, which is a work that is completed in one session in the office space in a few hours. This method is developed in each tooth separately to make the result elegant and not standard knowing in advance the needs and expectations of our patient.

«I am not afraid when I smile. When I smile, I want to evolve..» H.T.

In order to create a beautiful and harmonious smile that suits the personality and the psychosynthesis of the person concerned, the relationship between the teeth, the contour of the smile, the shape of the lips, the shape of the face and other anatomical factors are of particular importance. It is extremely important to always pay the necessary attention to the harmonious correlation of these factors. The technique is completely safe, as each face is created and controlled individually after first gently rejuvenating the surface of the teeth in order to strengthen the adhesion of the material that becomes one with the tooth.

Resin veneers are highly conservative and long-lasting restorations and can give excellent results to those who want to improve the shape, color, position and texture of the teeth at the same time, or by restoring as many teeth as are broken or peeled, in teeth that old stamps have been altered or discolored. They are restorations with important requirements of knowledge and experience as the final result is due to the hands of the creator dentist whose artistic approach and ability are more than necessary in order to exceed the expectations of the interested party each time.

Finally, it is necessary for patients to comply with a program of oral hygiene, re-examination and maintenance that will be defined by the dentist in order to maintain to the maximum these restorations their aesthetic and functional performance.

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